Pulverizer Machine Uses

  • 24 Aug, 2021
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Pulverizer Machine Uses

The pulverizer machine is used to crush materials, and there are many kinds of materials for crushing. The crusher has a lot of features. Combined with the characteristics of a variety of grinders, the new type of grinder can be produced, which can effectively smash the problem of not thorough, without the design of the sieve bottom, there will not be a phenomenon of blocking the bottom of the screen screen with high wet material. On the basis of the non sieve bottom, we have made a full range of innovation from the material and technology, so that the function is widely adapted to the crushing of various materials, and truly become a multi-functional and efficient fine powder pulverizer.

This powder grinder machine has been loved by users everywhere since its launch, and its popularity is due to its unique structural design and wide application. In the end, what is unique, double rotors up and down two stages of smashing, material through two sets of rotor pulverization, smashed material is not only fine yet not clogged sieve plate, will not cause fine powder to come out, burn the motor. Without designing sieve screen bottom, crushing high humidity material is easy and simple, and there is not much demand for water content of material, so as to ensure that the sieve plate will not be blocked. High alloy wear-resistant hammer with long wear resistance. The hammerhead can also make use of the unique shifting and adjusting technology, and the hammer can be used continuously with the wear and moving position. The process of crushing is very convenient, easy to use, the whole process can be operated on one person, do not need to learn the operation, the whole machine work condition can also give bearings to the bearings at any time to add lubricating oil, and the powder pulverizer machine maintenance is also very convenient.


Maintenance of pulverizer machine for powder:

1. Before each use, check if each component is firm and firm.

2. Exchange the screen, when washing the grinder should pay attention to avoid water into the motor, electrical appliances and bearings, so as not to affect the service life, always pay attention to keep the grinder clean and hygienic.

3. In order to prolong the service life of the bearing, grease should be added in time, and the 7019-1 lithium grease should be used for lubrication.

4. The whole machine maintenance once every six months. Note: Do not crush metal, extra-strong and high-viscosity materials.

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